6 States, 9 Trips, 15 Weeks

June 7, 2008

I’m not one of those “I hate to travel” people, but my schedule so far in 2008 has me leaning in that direction more than ever. I’ve done more travel in the past four months than in any year of my life so far.

Where I’ve Been So Far This Year

Toyota SnowmobileIt started with what was supposed to be a 2-day trip to Seattle in late January, but turned into a 3-day trip because the worst storm of the year shut down the Tri-Cities Airport. The photo at right is what my car looked like when I finally made it home. After that, the travel schedule went like this:

February 25-29: Santa Clara, CA
March 9-10: Portland, OR
March 10-12: Seattle
March 16-20: New York
March 28-31: Martinez, CA
April 20-22: Houston
April 22-24: Long Beach, CA
April 30-May 2: Seattle (I canceled this one, needed a rest.)
May 6-13: Philadelphia (and New York)
May 20-21: Portland, OR
June 2-5: Seattle

I get tired just looking at that list! But, if all goes well, the only traveling I’ll be doing between now and August is a quick drive to Portland later this month for a friend’s wedding. I can handle that. With air travel being as expensive as it is these days, and being such a complete hassle, I’m going to aim to stay home as much as possible. There’s a wedding in August I hope to go to, and a conference in September I’m already committed to. Other than that, I’ll be quite happy right where I am.

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