Top 5 Posts of 2008

January 2, 2009

Now that 2008 is over, I’ve been digging into Google Analytics for most of my blogs and checking out the most popular articles I’ve written. It’s easy to guess what the popular stuff is on most of the other blogs, but not on this one. I don’t do a whole lot of promotion of this blog, but it seems that when I do submit a post to StumbleUpon or Facebook, it always seems to bring a spike in traffic over here.

Anyway, here are the five most popular blog posts from MattMcGee.com in 2008:

1.) How I Lowered Our Credit Card Interest Rates – this one seems pretty popular on StumbleUpon

2.) How To Build a Devoted Community, by Mixx.com – I’ve just completely run out of time to stay active on Mixx and Digg these days

3.) My Top 5 Pixar Movies – this was pre-Wall-E

4.) How NOT to Market on Flickr

5.) Top 10 Signs You’re Spamming Sphinn

That’s it. Not that it means anything to anyone, but I get a kick out of stats and tracking stuff like this.

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