Twitter Integration in Madden 13 is Interesting

September 14, 2012

twitter-bird-blue-on-whiteI’ve been playing Madden 13 occasionally since it came out a couple weeks ago, and one of the cool aspects of it has nothing to do with football. There’s a lot of social media integrated into the game — especially Twitter.

For example, in the Career mode, when a game ends you can tweet the result — or send it to Facebook. First time they’ve ever offered something like that. (Now, to me, tweeting your game score from Madden 13 is even worse than tweeting one of those stupid recaps, so I’ll never use that feature … but still, interesting addition.)

Beyond that, Twitter is very heavily featured in the News Center part of Career mode. This is where they recap all of the weekly news as you go along — what players were injured, what teams won big games, etc. And for each headline, they also show fake tweets from actual football commentators, like this:


This is when I first started my Career mode. I assigned myself to be the coach of the Seahawks, so the big news that first week was about Pete Carroll getting fired. And you can see the (fake) Twitter commentary to the side there.

And then the next story that week was about me becoming the new Seahawks coach, and that showed the same fake Twitter commentary.


Those are actual Twitter accounts, by the way — see @MattMillerEA. But it spells out that it’s a virtual account associated with Madden, not the guy’s actual account.

Anyway, pretty interesting Twitter exposure here, I thought. Not earth-shattering in terms of the game itself, but still interesting to see the integration.

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