Two-Party Politics Sucks

vote-republican-democratI agree with this:

We are a two-party system — not by law, but because the Democrats and the Republicans have seized the mechanisms of government. They use their control to maintain power, and other parties can’t compete.

It’s from a Newsday article that I think is worth reading no matter what your political affiliation is.

I was out of town during the first Presidential debate last week. Here at home, my wife apparently made a comment during the debate wondering how anyone could still be undecided. To which my son replied that he thinks I’m still undecided.

And he’s pretty much right. I have no idea who’ll get my vote for president … or even if I’m going to cast a vote in that specific race. I’m decided on this: I can’t vote for Romney (don’t trust him, don’t think he’s independent enough for me) and I can’t vote for Obama (has done nothing in four years).

I’d like to learn more about the other candidates, specifically Gary Johnson — the Libertarian candidate mentioned in that Newsday article — but it ain’t easy to compare other candidates when they’re not allowed to debate the Republican and Democratic candidates.

We need a legitimate third party. More importantly, we need a system that gives a third party the chance to become relevant.

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