USA Today loves the new iPhone

July 8, 2008

From Ed Baig’s review:

It’s cheaper, faster and a lot friendlier for business. Apple’s blockbuster smartphone already had nifty features such as visual voicemail, a splendid built-in video iPod and the best mobile Web browser I’ve ever used. With GPS newly added to the mix, this handheld marvel has no equal among consumer-oriented smartphones.

I’m about 90% sure to get one, but can’t decide if I should give it a try on Friday … or wait a few days until things settle down a bit.

I’m glad to see the review mention that it’s “a lot friendlier for business.” I think my wife will want one, too, but since it uses the Safari browser, there’s no way she’ll be able to access the local MLS system. That requires a PC and Internet Explorer, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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