Las Vegas: No Coins, No Bills

November 13, 2009

I’m not much of a gambler. Don’t have a clue how most of the dice games work. Don’t play cards enough to ever play for money. But I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times in the past and always had fun dropping a few dollars into a slot machine to see what might happen. And I was planning to do it again a couple weeks ago when I was in town for the U2 concert.

Only it seems times have changed and Vegas doesn’t want my money anymore.


That sign was on every slot machine I saw over the course of four days. You can’t insert coins. You can’t insert dollar bills. Apparently you have to find the casino desk and buy some kind of credit card-type thing and insert that into the machine when you want to play the slots.

Too much effort for casual gamblers like me.

I spent more than 3 hours sitting on my duff at the Las Vegas Airport on Sunday. I had change in my pockets and plenty of $1 bills. I would’ve surely dumped a lot of that into a slot machine, but it was too much work.

Not that it really matters and not that I really care, but I wonder how much casual money from people like me Vegas is missing out on with these new slot machines.

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