WA Primary Voting Record

July 29, 2012

vote-buttonJust finished completing my ballot in Washington’s primary election, which is August 7th. We vote by mail in this county, so “election day” voting isn’t what it used to be … something that my wife doesn’t particularly like. I’ve never felt strongly either way about voting in person versus voting by mail, but maybe that’s just me.

In any case, here’s how I voted by party breakdown:

  • Republican candidates: 5
  • Democratic candidates: 3
  • non-partisan race: 1

So that’s 55% Republican votes and 33% Democrat votes. That’s about typical for me. (I would’ve guessed a 60/40 split if asked.)

I didn’t vote in every race on the ballot. It’s a primary and, as was the case four years ago, we have a ton of people on the ballot including some real loonies. So, no, I didn’t bother to research every race and every candidate. I don’t think it’s right to cast an uninformed vote, so I skipped some of the races.

But it’s still good to vote … even if I’m doing it from the comfort of my desk and dropping it in tomorrow’s mail.

(Stock image via Shutterstock.com. Used under license.)

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