Well, That Was Scary (AKA, the Benefits of Dog Licensing)

July 6, 2011

The moral of the story is pretty simple: If you own a dog, make sure you license/register it with your local city/county.

At about 1:00 pm today, I headed out back to give Sparky a little treat. He wasn’t in his doghouse and he wasn’t laying down in any normal spots. As I walked around the back yard, he wasn’t anywhere! Sparky was gone. Missing in action.

I went inside and his leash was still there, so that meant Sean hadn’t taken him for a walk. Checked with the kids, and they didn’t know where he was, either. We had seen him about an hour earlier when a UPS delivery came and Sparky was barking up a storm.

Sean and I did another walk through in the backyard and still … no Sparky. I sent Sean down to the park a couple blocks away. He came back without a dog, but two people at the park had seen a dog matching Sparky’s description.

So the kids and I got in the car and went off hunting. We went up the street a bit cuz there was some activity and a different dog jumping on its fence and we thought maybe Sparky was there. He wasn’t. But as we drove back and planned to head toward the park, we saw a mom and her son walking a dog toward our house! Sparky!!!!!!!

Turns out that Sparky was hanging around this person’s house (I feel terrible about not getting her name), and she saw that Sparky had a dog license tag on his collar. So, she called the city and gave them Sparky’s tag number. The city gave her our home address and she brought him back to us.

THANK YOU!!! So thankful for the kind woman who did that, and so thankful that we bothered to register our dog and get him a license/tag. And thankful that our goofy dog is back where he belongs.


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  • Reply David July 6, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Sparky–he’s a real rabble-rouser! But such a cutie. Good lesson for all the kids at home.

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